Wyatt Harman of Akron, CO., has a Fantini Sunflower Header. He has his attached to a John Deere during sunflower harvest.

First year running your header was a success! We sped up about 2 miles an hour from our previous header, we saved about every seed and every head that came into the header. My favorite thing about the head is ever since we bought it we did not have one fire! In our part of the area the flowers get so dry that static electricity catches the dust on fire and we’ll half a dozen fires a day. We ran your head for about 2 1/2 weeks, cut 2000 acres of sunflowers and never had one fire!

We loved our G03 so much we had to go buy another one! What a great product

He is very satisfied with his Fantini! Contact us if you would like to visit with him about the Fantini Sunflower Header!