Fantini North America LLC (FNA) is the North American headquarters for the Fantini Italia S.r.l group, based in Medole in Northern Italy. Fantini is one of the world’s leading corn and sunflower header manufacturers.

As of October 31, 2019, Hamilton Systems, Inc., located at 15526 90th St NE, Drayton, ND has officially purchased the Fantini company and factory in Medole, Italy, where Fantini corn and sunflower headers are made. Location of the factory will remain in Medole, Italy, where most of the employees will retain their position within the company. Fantini corn and sunflower headers are distributed world-wide. Mark Hatloy and Ken Nordstrom are the new owners of Fantini Italia S.r.l. Co-owner Mark Hatloy says “We’re excited to acquire Fantini after having been the North American distributor for the last few years. Fantini headers continue to surpass all expectations when it comes to durability, productivity and workmanship. We will continue to ensure the highest quality equipment and service that we always have.” The parent company, Hamilton Systems, Inc., will remain in Drayton, ND. For more information, contact us at 1-800-454-3875.

The efficient, trained FNA team provides technical and parts support to FNA dealers.

FNA offers a wide range of row widths and header sizes for today’s high performance combines. Our sunflower headers are designed to give producers exactly what they need to harvest this valuable crop with minimal losses. We are fully committed to and focused on the North American market, as evidenced by our ever-growing dealer network.

Fantini was originally founded in 1968, and remains under the same family ownership today. As an independent manufacturer of corn and sunflower headers, we provide solutions to fit and enhance the performance of your combine.

What We Do

Backed by a wealth of expertise, Fantini design and production engineers are specialists in corn and sunflower header technology. We strive to lead the industry in header development, delivering products that suit today’s high-performance combines.

Offered in a wide range of row widths and header sizes, our combine headers possess qualities that can be seen on and off the field. With minimal downtime and reduced overall maintenance, Fantini headers serve up higher efficiency, greater productivity and lower cost of ownership.

Company Philosophy

Fantini is dedicated to providing equipment that is simple, rugged and reliable. These core values are the foundation of what makes Fantini the world’s leading manufacturer of corn and sunflower headers.

Technologically sophisticated, yet elegantly simple, our headers perform and excel where others can’t. Common-sense features have been honed from years of experience, as well as knowing exactly what today’s farmers want and need.

Why People Choose Us

Take a look at a Fantini header next to a competitor’s model, and the differences are obvious. Our headers are better built, with more metal parts. They stand up to the harshest field conditions, yet are easy to repair if ever damaged.

Taking advantage of small windows of opportunity is essential to farming success. Our new headquarters in Drayton, North Dakota, is always ready with parts and accessories, ensuring that any customer breakdowns can be handled quickly and conveniently.